vExpert 2019

for the second year , VMware recognized me as vExpert for 2019 , im hounded for the achievement …thank you VMware

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VMware UAG Console is not responding , error 404 not found or connection refused

after deploying VMware UAG (unified access gateway) ver 3.3 or ver 3.4 , however after the deployment and after the initial configuration completed and the appliance up and running , we tried to reach the appliance URL which https://<ip, host-name>:9443/admin/index.html and nothing come up or you will see error 404 not found and in other browser it say connection refused

digging deploy in the appliance console , you will notice that you can login to console with root account and in logs you would say ;…re-dpoly appliance with admin password…or admin account dose not exist .

this would happen because you are trying to deploy UAG in ESXI directly rather that vCenter either from Esxi web UI or with powershell

this is because vCenter is required to deploy UAG refer to below URLs

Solution :

Re-deploy the UAG from vCenter or try to get vCenter appliance for your Esxi host

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VMware vForum 2019 in Riyadh

This event is VMware vForum 2019 in Riyadh in partnership with IDC

This is my first year to attend the VMware vFORUM Saudi Arabia. With VMware events usually I enjoy each presentation and keynote sessions, I can get some information about VMware products and can meet some good friends who is working in IT company at Saudi Arabia.

  • Introduction to VMware KSA and Vmware Vision
  • The Digital Frontier: Are You Ready?
  • Digital transformation:
    • Empower Employees with the Digital Workspace
  • VMware Cloud solution and cloud vision
    • The simplest way to build your SDDC with VMware Cloud Foundation
    • Cloud Services – Brokering Services across Multiple Clouds
    • Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World
  • Introduce STC cloud as largest cloud service provider in Middle East
    • Customize & Manage your Cloud Infrastructure with STCS Cloud Solutions
  • Disruptive Technologies of the Future – AI, IoT & Block Chain

I would like to say it was a great day to learn and explore new feature and technology related to VMware

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